Education Creates Opportunity

Alliance Society Nepal makes access to education possible through our programs such as building of infrastructure and higher education scholarships.

Education Creates Positive Change

Alliance Society Nepal makes access to education possible through our programs such as building of infrastructure and higher education scholarships.

Education for a Better World

Alliance Society Nepal makes access to education possible through our programs such as building of infrastructure and higher education scholarships.


Our objective is simple in statement but very complex in execution. The objectives of the Alliance Society of Nepal is to provide education, awareness and development to the middle hill village areas of east Gorkha and western Dharding districst of Nepal.


Alliance is committed to solutions oriented to sustainable community development through educational activities and people awareness. The practical steps in our work is to counsel them and provide non- formal education on health and environmental issues as wel as , basic reading -writing.and mathematics


The future projects for the Alliance Society of Nepal include but not limited to health care awareness programs, continued educational development.

Welcome to Alliance Society Nepal

ASN is a registrated non profit and non Government organization situated in central Nepal , Dhading district and west ASN is dedicated to educational and development opportunities for our target communities – including adult education, woman and childrens issues and,programs for disadvantaged groups such as dalits  enabling then to gain new skills and improve their lives. 

Alliance Society Nepal organizes a series of education and  training activities including ( seminars, awareness programs , workshops, out of school program , literacy classes , health education , and otherto educate and orient our  target communities . These activities address issues related empowerment  from a practical perspective .ASN provides opportunities for people to ultimately improve their socioeconomic conditions of their future. guardian interaction , adult   .

Nepal is known one of the poorest countries in the world. Per capital annual  income is very low there is a woeful lack of social and economic infrastructure in the country as a whole, especially in rural areas such as  Dhading and Gorkha where there is significant poverty,   discrimination between castes,and exclusion .A systemic cause is the lack of  education.   our  approach to the problem has been successful   education  . ASN is committed to making a difference .


Our Team

The Alliance Society Nepal is nothing without its hardworking and passionate team members who are consistently involved in making our projects successful. The NGO team has been working effectively from a long time to assist the people in fulfilling their basic needs and also uplifting their quality of life during the times of conflict. We believe that each of us has the responsibility of helping one another in need.

The rescue programs by our NGO during the massive earthquake that hit Nepal on April, 2015 holds the witness to our continuous effort in providing a better quality of life for the people. During such difficult times, we gave our best to help the localities around school areas at Lamjung – Gorkha and Khari – Dhading by raising relief funds and arranging rescue missions. Moreover, the NGO made capital investment for the cause.    


Upcoming Events

Water Aid for Village

Our NGO has taken upon the project and a responsibility to bring drinking water to children in the light of uplifting the quality of life and thereby preventing illnesses caused by lack of water & use of polluted water resources. Our aim is to provide the proper water resources to…

Toys for Children Campaign

The children in the remote areas of Dhading and Gorkha districts are underprivileged with the lack of proper education and entertainment infrastructure. The NGO has been involved in effective planning of providing education for all. Considering the mental state of the children and lack of basic facilities in such remote…

Our Causes

Bring water to Children

The areas that we carry out our volunteering and services are mostly financially poor subsistence farming areas of Nepal. The rainwater is often the most reliable source of water with…

Community Awareness

ASN -,prepares all of its own awareness raising materials, posters etc .We provide training as  school education programs and  literacy classes .During the literacy courses, participants are exposed to issues…

Education for All

The Mission of the Alliance Society of Nepal is to provide education to the middle-hill village area of western Dhading district of Bagmati zone, Nepal. Till date, the Alliance Society of Nepal…

Volunteer Teaching (International)

Teachers to teach English as a second language are much needed in this region of Nepal. This is not the typical Trekking Nepal - Annapurna Circuit or Everest/Solu Khumbu tourist…

We love to help all the children that have problems in the world. After 15 years we have many goals achieved.

With volunteer teaching in local villages teachers are able to remain in country for 12 months.


Children helped



To promote community empowerment.

To break the cycle of the illiteracy.

Successful Projects

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Baladevi Secondary School

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Devisthan Primary School

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Patalini Primary School

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Sunchaya Primary School

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